Vacuum Furnaces


The core competence of PVA TePla is to build furnaces for vacuum, heat treatment of material and pressure sintering of hard metal. The pressure sintering furnaces (COD) designed for this purpose are also supremely suitable for sintering ceramics, a material that is

being used in increasing measure in car and engine production due to its low specific weight.

Tools with outstanding material properties such as abrasion resistance and therefore tool life are manufactured in the sintering processes under vacuum and thermal conditions and the subsequent hot isostatic processes under gas pressures of up to 100 bar. The high temperature regularity of the PVA TePla furnaces ensures that the products are all of a high quality.

One key industrial process, namely the melting and casting of metals, generates considerable benefits for the quality and precision of end products when performed under vacuum conditions. The process involves the melting and cleaning of precious metals, the alloying of special materials in graphite and ceramic crucibles, and the casting of blocks and moulded parts free of holes and pores. Vacuum melting and casting furnaces are used, for example, to purify gold and platinum by melting, as well as for moulded items such as machine parts, turbine blades, medical implants such as hip joints, and heart valves. Vacuum processes performed under high temperatures ensure that no oxidation occurs and that the workpieces remain free of pores. This, in turn, means uniformly pure materials with very low variation in physical parameters.

Vacuum Furnaces for specific applications

Vacuum furnaces (COV) are high performance most efficient furnaces with a wide working-temperature and application range. Due to the compatibility with all kind of process gases and the fully automatic process these furnaces are especially suitable for the economic application in industrial productions for example to produce hard metals or for the cleaning and purification of graphite parts and components.

Vacuum furnaces (COD Sinter-HIP) combine the dewaxing, vacuum-sintering and subsequent isostatic densification under pressure gas of metals and ceramics. These vacuum furnaces (COD) optimize all the necessary process functions and combine them in one production equipment and process cycle in an optimal, fully automatic and reproducible manner.

Vacuum furnaces (MOV) are ideal for the treatment of sophisticated materials if high temperatures and an absolutely clean hydro-carbon free atmosphere are required. Due to the ultrahigh vacuum atmosphere as well as the extreme temperature homogeneity and the fully automatic process the furnaces are especially suitable for the economic application in industrial and medical productions, i.e. for brazing of vacuum interruptors, parts of x ray tubes, heat exchangers, parts used in the medical and aerospace industry and parts for cleaning processes.

Vacuum Furnaces PVA TePla

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